Who’s afraid of yellow and brown?

Sinds 1998 I’m a big fan of Wolford. I buy mostly stingbodies and panties. They have a vast variety of those. And for me they have the advantage that the colors match! So by now I can practicaly begin my own store, NOT! I want to keep it all.
My favarite Wolfordstore is in Haarlem. A friend of my runs that store. She was  kind enough to take pictures of me.


This is me in an Halston Heritage dress (A/W2012), styled with stingbody, matching panties from Wolford. I saw that the dress is still available (on sale) on http://www.theoutnet.com. The wonderful Italian shoes are from Alberto Zago (type A33111 , http://www.zagoalberto.com/index.php/en/collections/autumn-winter-2012-2013) . I bought them in a famous Dutch shoestore in the P.C. Hoofdstraat in Amsterdam, http://www.meijersschoenen.com/ .






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