Pretty wild thing in green

Like I wrote in my post ‘Putting new shoes to the test‘, the only purchase I couldn’t resist that day was at the Wolford private sale and I probably show it to you this weekend in combination with the matching skirt.

I hear what you are thinking: what is his thing with Wolford? Does he have stocks in the compagny or what? The answer is simple: I’m just a consumer who likes nice things, and Wolford makes nice things. I must admit it is expensive stuff (even when it’s on sale), but it feels great wearing it. Therefore I started about 15 years ago very small, by buying basic stuff that was on sale. Now it is a hobby for me. And for a hobby I’m penny wise pound foolish. Luckaly for me this season didn’t offer me much. After this post I just say nice thing about older Wolford stuff. Although I don’t know what next season will bring …

I bought the Cheetah String Body in the magnificent color ‘ simply green/black‘  for 40% off. The matching skirt I bought when it was first available in the shop, cause I realy wanted to have that piece!

Look for yourself and tell me what you think!

Are you inspired? Below the photo you wille find links to the specific articles.

Glasses: Prada; Belt: Wolford



Cheetah sting body:

Cheetah skirt:

Wolford tights:


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