Man in Red

Friday is my funday (like the Sunday is for the Bangles). And when the weather is nice on my funday, I usually go out in style. Last Friday the weather was very nice indeed, although it was a bit windy. But that didn’t spoil the fun at all. On the contrary! It even enhanced it. And the theme was … red.

I know I posted this look two months back, but the photos are very dull compared to the photos below. See for yourself and let me know what you think!

Glasses: Prada; dress: Issa London; stringbody and tights: Wolford; shoes: Invito.

PS: I forgot to put on a bit of lipstick.

Issa 1Issa 2Issa 3Issa 4

Issa 5


6 thoughts on “Man in Red

      • I saw your comment in one of ByCelina’s posts. I dont’t know why you cought my eye. I guess I knew there was potential im that name 😉 When I saw your blog I thought it was nice,but girl, when i read this post you became one of those blogs I always will come back for more.

        • Wow Sara, you are the first who is so very enthusiastic about my blog. My heart jumps up! I love you for the way you express it. And there will be a lot more posts to come, so stay tuned. ByCelina’s is one of my favs BTW. I hate to spoil your enthusiasm: I am a man and I like to stay that way (maybe my name suggests otherwise). It is just that I feel more beautiful in stuf that’s usually women wearing.

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