Tropical sunrise

Hi dear readers. I hope you started the day off okay. Yesterday I have had a wonderful day, despite the rainy weather.

A friend of mine en I had plans to go sightseeing. But the rain was pouring down all morning. So we decided to wait for a dry spell. In the meantime we took pictures of my new dress from McQ.

I had the hots for this dress since it came in web stores, several months ago. I saw that there was little demand for it, so I decided to wait for the sale to start. All these months waiting finally paid off on Wednesday a week ago. By the way I followed the same strategy with the purchase of the Iris-print dress from McQ. I’ll wil show you this dress in another post.

I think it’s a magnificent piece of art. As well as the design as the coloring is brilliant. You can see a sunset scenery mixed with a digitally manipulated image of spliced precious crystal. And to top it off, it fits like a glove. If you interested in buying this dress, you could try I value your oppinion on this one!

Finally at three o’clock it was almost dry outside. Because there was not much left of the day we took the bus to Amstelveen. There is this very educational Cobra-museum. It shows a liberated art form in paintings and sculptures.

Enjoy the pictures and have a lovely day!

Dress: McQ; body and tights: Wolford; glasses: Prada; shoes:



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