Hello  readers,

Today I show you some of my old stuff I have. I’m in for a skirt. And I picked this real eyecatcher. The story of the skirt is a typical case of being on the right spot on the right time. Probably it wasn’t everybody’s favorite. It was still hanging in the store, several years ago, on sale when I arrived. I bought it on the spot (because after I checked if it fitted me). It is wonderfully flair, the fabric is nice and shiny and the color is, if I’m not mistaken, nowadays in style again.

The shoes are a different story. About four years ago I went to the flagship store of United Nude in Amsterdam. It is an amazing store. They have the most imaginative shoes. Of course it’s also on internet: I was looking for a match with the Ted Baker skirt, which you can see on my page on I wanted a pair with many colors. The sales woman however came up with the idea of this pair. That’s one of the advantages of a real store, instead of a webstore. You can get some valuable style advice for free. I’m not quite sure whether this pair is a good match with this skirt, but surely it is something different.

Feel free to comment!

Thank you for reading and carry on with the things you do best and with much pleasure!

Body: Wolford; skirt: Karen Millen; tights: Wolford; shoes: United Nude.

peekaboo1 peekaboo2 peekaboo3 peekaboo4


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