My first designer dress (2)

Dear readers,

I think that you probably think by now that I’m the guy with the crazy colors. Today is different.

In 2010 I made a important decision about how much money I want to spent on my hobby. Before this time I bought most of the items on sale or from a budget store. In this year I came to the conclusion that, when I wanted to take my hobby seriously, I had to crank up my budget.

In that year I stumbled upon The lovely ladies who own this site, say they are ‘The Leading Luxury Marketplace to buy and sell 100% authentic Designer Pieces’. I can’t vouch for that. Fact is that I bought two pieces in excellent condition. One was the dress of today. The other item was a really beautiful bag from Cartier. I will show you this another time.

A wonderful side effect of buying from this site is that I came at places I usually don’t come, because I choose to go to the home of the seller. For the dress I went to a lovely home in Wassenaar.

On April 2, I posted ‘My first designer dress’ on my blog with a picture from de site I bought it from. Now I think it’s time to show you how I put things together, with the dress in the leading roll.

Please let me know what you think of it! I’m open for suggestions. 

Thank you much for reading!

Dress: Milly; body: Oroblu; tights: Wolford; sunnies: Prada

BlackAndWhiteMilly1 BlackAndWhiteMilly2 BlackAndWhiteMilly3 BlackAndWhiteMilly4


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