Brown and blue

Hi dear readers,

sorry you haven’t seen much of me lately. The thing is I’ve found another addiction. In my post on the New York Fashion Week 2013, I mentioned that I entered the competition Well … that didn’t work out for me. Not that I expected much, but I was totally disappointed when I found out who had won this competition. In my opinion the jury was quite lazy in picking the winners. They were the ones who had the most hypes. stated that everone had an equal chance of winning, cause they would judge on good looks and a good story. Let me put it nicely: among the contestants were far more better looks and stories. What ever … I’m still going strong!

The blazer I’ve  bought at one of my fav stores in Haarlem: ‘A Guy Named Sue’.

Thanks for reading and hope you’ll be back!

Blazer: Hans Ubbink; body and tights: Wolford; shoes: Ab Donkers

BrownAndBlue1 BrownAndBlue2 BrownAndBlue3 BrownAndBlue4


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