Talking French?

Dear readers,

Up until a few weeks ago I didn’t want to know about some kind of crises that people spent less and safe more. At the end of August I was shopping on my funday. Cruising in my favorite shopping street of Haarlem, in the hunt for a special piece of clothing, I was totally staggered by the look of an closed shop. On the window was posted that there was still a shop far in the south of the Netherlands, and of course the internet. And there was no prior notice, cause I was there two weeks before! The dress is from the title of this post: Talking French. ( I remembered I ones bought a wonderful red dress here. Hoping to contribute to more demand for this brand, I’m posting this dress.

Two weeks later my favorite shoe shop in the same street had the same surprise for me. I was in shock! I’ talking about Di Capolavori ( They carry many brands, for example Michael Kors. The boots I’m wearing in this post I bought here.

Thanks for reading and keep your head up!

Dress: Talking French; boots from Di Capolavori



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