Black and White 2

Two weeks ago I went shopping in ‘De 9 Straatjes’ of the city centre of Amsterdam. It’s a cosy and picturesque area of nine blocks of shops and places to eat and drink. Even Karl Lagerfeld has a store here. I’m no fan of Karl, but there is so much other special and wonderful stuff. The last time I was here it’s almost a year ago. That was when the picture in my post ‘Amsterdam freedom’ was taken (I saw I didn’t told you much at that time). So it was time to go back again!

I’m very picky when it comes to almost anything. When it comes to clothing, shoes and jewellery I’m extra picky, because I have already so much wonderful stuff that I want to keep.

At the outskirts of this shopping area I found a new store ‘Second Female’. Up until now I never heard of this brand before. It’s a Scandinavian company. But I didn’t knew that when I walked in. When I think of Scandinavian clothing, I think of clothing that conceals your whole body, without any design to fit close to your body. I think you know me by now that this is not the type of apparel I would choose.

I was pleasantly surprised to find here a sheath dress in my size. It’s made of an amazingly soft and elastic fabric. And I fell for the black and white pattern on this dress.

If you are interested in this dress, I think it could be only available in shops. There was a cart in my bag with the address, but that was blocked due to maintenance or otherwise. On you can find a store.

Thanks for reading and hold on tight to your dreams!

Dress: Second Female; coat: Dept (Locals United) or Dept (Zalando)tights: Falke (100 din)

BlackAndWhite1 BlackAndWhite2 BlackAndWhite3 BlackAndWhite4 BlackAndWhite5 BlackAndWhite6 BlackAndWhite7 BlackAndWhite8


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