Project earrings

Dear readers,

when I seriously started crossdressing, about 17 years ago, I often got the urge to get my ears pierced, so I could look good with earrings. Because my girlfriend was against it, it never happened. Clip earrings weren’t that fashionable at that time, so I left it with that.

Four weeks ago I was ordering some dresses from and stumbled upon some awesome clip earrings. They were designed by Hervé Van der Straeten.

oorhanger gehamerd

Unfortunately they were way to long (about 14 cm) and the gold color is stil not my thing. So I went to my jeweler/goldsmith in Haarlem, Petra Berends, to ask If she could make something similar in silver. We talked about a price and came to an agreement. She would make some sketches, after I sent her some pictures of earrings that I found quite attractive. The picture below is also from Hervé Van der Straeten.

oorhanger gehamerdE BLAADJES

Before I went to my jeweler to look at her designs, I stumbled upon a fabulous pair of earrings from one of my fellow friends, Minh Nguyen.


So yesterday I stopped by my jeweler and I’m convinced that all of the above will inspire her to create something super fabulous. To be continued …


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