Off shoulder dress/black and white 3

Dear readers, two weeks ago I was surfing on the site of to check for something nice. Over the years I discovered that if I see, for example, a beautiful dress on a model on the internet or in a catalogue, that it often doesn’t look good on me. By now I think I can make, in most cases, a distinction between what I like to see and what I want to wear.

Back to Asos. I was looking for dresses and shoes. For me shoes has to have a heel that is at least 8 cm high and has to have an edge. I prefer booties or sandals, because I think these make my legs look longer. My feet differ in size, therefore I believe there aren’t pumps designed for my feet. Occasionally I go for boots. So for me it wasn’t a surprise that there wasn’t a pair that fitted the profile.

In the dresses department I was only mesmerised by the presentation of two dresses. One is this off shoulder dress by Lipsy. The other one I’ll show you probably next year, because first the pictures of the photoshoot last Saturday are worse then the pictures below en second I go on holidays.

My sincere apologies because of the quality of the photos.  I’m so excited that I found this dress, I wanted to show you this before I go away for my holidays. After I come back I promise I make new photos.

Thanks a lot for stopping by!

Dress: Lipsy


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