Happy and colorful 2014!


Dear reader,

Cheers (salute, salud, proost, à la tienne, zum wohl, skål , Egészségedre, na zdrowie, etc.) to a new year! I wish you a happy, colourful, creative and prosperous year!

In my hand I hold a glass of ‘Carpe Diem Kombucha’. It is a non-alcoholic drink from Germany. Carpe Diem is Latin and means seize the day. I think it’s a nice to start a new year with such an intention.

I celebrate this new year with my latest buy from last year: a dress by Just Cavalli, which I bought on sale from Harrods. If you consider buying this item, don’t make the same mistake I did: buy too small!

In the S/S 2013 collection of McQ I fell for 2 items. I was, and come to think of it, still am, quite vein. In man’s sizes often a size S is perfect for me and even so often they don’t make that size. So I ordered and fitted a size S and M. I must admit size M was already quite tight, but I figured it was suppose to. And in the mirror it looked okay. Once I made the photos to show you, I saw I should bought one size bigger. But then it was too late to sent it back or buy a bigger size.

One you can see on my post Tropical Sunrise. The other one I hesitate to show you just jet, because, in my opinion, it really shows it’s too small for me.

After this fiasco I ordered a size S and M, because it was of a different designer and it could fit better this time. After I fitted the items, a little voice inside my head said send both items back and wait for a size L. And now I’m glad I did! First because it fitted much better and second, I could order it when it was on sale.

Thank you for stopping by and seize the day!

Dress: Just Cavalli A/W 2013


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