Zanotti shoes on sale 1

Dear readers,

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I’m penny wise and pound foolish.

In the mens department I have quite a average shoe size (42/43), so even at the very beginning of the sale period, I rarely succeed in buying a nice pair. And altought the sale is on for quite some time, I managed to buy even two pair of smashing shoes in the womens department last Friday.

I still don’t know why they make this distinction (mens/womens) when it comes to clothing. I just buy what I think is better then nice and it often happens I  find it in the womens department. I know it is’nt alway a pleasure being a woman (I get that from my girlfriend), but at least you are lucky to have a broad range of clothing, shoes and accessories to choose from, without worrying about the public oppinion.

I must admit they were stil quite pricey (50% off). To ease my mind, I was thinking what the heck, I just order them and I can always send them back. NOT! Once I tryed them on, they fitted surprisingly perfectly in a size 41! And I could walk on then quite easy. And then there is no way I send them back. I don’t know about you, I live only ones. And when this might be a wrong assumption, I enjoyed very much this moment and the moments I wear them! 

As you can judge by the title  this story applies for another pair aswell. I will show you that pair next time around.


Dress: Just Cavalli; shoes:

NewShoesZanotti1 NewShoesZanotti2 NewShoesZanotti3 NewShoesZanotti4 NewShoesZanotti5 NewShoesZanotti6


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