Are these booties not for walking!?

Dear readers,

This story is about the pair of cut-out black suede ankle boots (with cone heel and gold detailing) from Zanotti I bought recently.

The moment I received the shoes from the delivery man I had the unstoppable urge to go shopping in them. I hear you think: shouldn’t you first let your feet quietly adjust to these shoes. And I thought about that for a short moment, because I know by experience I could end up with quite painful feet, before I finished shopping! But I wasn’t amenable to reason, so off I went.

First I did a photo shoot for my post ‘Zanotti shoes on sale 2’. After that I drove to the parking garage at Museumplein in Amsterdam. There are three important musea at this plein (=square): Rijksmuseum, Stedelijk and Van Gogh. But my goal was the P.C. Hooftstraat. This street is famous of the luxurious shops like Louis Vuitton and Hermes, but there are also more affordable shops like Guess by Marciano and Supertrash (the Players shop is out of business)..

I didn’t had much time for shopping, so I just went to my most fav shops: Wolford (of course) and Karen Millen. It turned out it was a fun shopping expedition: this time nothing could inspire me to spend my money on. Both my wallet and my wardrobe were happy: since the beginning of December I’ve spend about 3500,- euro on clothing, shoes and jewelry (not only for myself) and my attic is getting very cramped.

By the time I was halfway back to the parking garage I noticed that one of the heel soles was completely wear down already. On the positive side: this time no sore feet!

Over the years I have quit a mileage on heels 9 cm and up) behind me and I have more then 30 pairs. I have a couple of my fav pairs that needed sole replacement several times, but that’s because I wear them a lot.

So I asked  customer service of Zanotti, if this was considered normal wear. They felt sorry for me and offered me to reimburse a sole replacement. Later on a woman friend of mine told me that women (she doesn’t know men, besides me, whom wearing heels) sometimes buy high heels just to look pretty in.

I’m asking you: is it true that you sometimes buy shoes just to look pretty in?

 Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti (F/W 2013)


TheseBootsAreNotForWalking2 TheseBootsAreNotForWalking3 TheseBootsAreNotForWalking4


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