My first Chicwish dress

Dear readers,

At and several magazines I see many times the name Chicwish passing though. There is a first time for everything. for me that was on December 31 of last year. I was killing some time before midnight by surfing on the Chicwish site. And there it was: a fluid a line dress with playful white stripes. And when I ordered it before midnight I was promised a discount.

About the ordering

Now I had a wonderful dress and the next step is to decide what size to order it in. In general designers make you believe that you can always rely on the size on the product. In real life this isn’t true. Not even when you order something from the same designer, let alone when you order something from another designer. And still there is the situation that IT 40 is not the same as EU 40. So in my wardrobe I have sizes between XS and XXL. Not because I lose or gain weight (I have the same weight since 20 years or so), but due to the circumstance I’ve described above.

Therefore I order most of the time two sizes, also with this dress. I was under the impression that I ordered in the USA (because of the currency), but the delivery came from Hong Kong (company headquarters). I selected shipping method Register Mail with Tracking(12-18 business days). And on January 10 there was the mailman already! In the package was a letter stating the content of the package and, if I wanted to return an item, a return address.

About the return and refund

I tried on the bigger size (size L this time) and it fitted perfectly on my upper body and because of the flare design I didn’t pay much attention how short the dress in total was. In my mirror it seemed okay. So I wrapped up the other dress and delivered it on January 20 at the post office, with the exact address.  I choose for shipping method Register Mail with Tracking, despite the fact the costs were euro 25,40. Later that week I checked the website of Chicwish. There was a totally different procedure described there. I decided to wait for the things to come. To my surprise I’ve got mail mail yesterday, February 11, that the refund was transferred to my account!

About the dress

It is crafted from a chunky knit jersey fabric. I specially love the contrast effect of the white strips and zig-zag pattern along the hemline, the overall piece turns into a sharp one with these well designed details. The soft pleats from waistline enhance the feminine silhouette and maximize its definition. You can pull it over your head like a pullover and you are ready to party!

Like I said earlier, I didn’t realize the dress was so short. Now I look at the photos it seems pretty short. Probably because I wear it with white tights it is more conspicuous now. Next time I definitely wear black tights!

Oh by the way, you can still buy this dress with 15 % discount.

Dress: Chicwish – strips fluid a line dress; Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti (F/W 2013)

MyFirstChicwishDress1 MyFirstChicwishDress2 MyFirstChicwishDress3 MyFirstChicwishDress4 MyFirstChicwishDress5 MyFirstChicwishDress6


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