Skirt with an edge

Dear readers,

I still want to make a professional turn, but there is still so much to choose from.

Since my childhood I love carpentry. As a leap of destiny however, my school director advised my parents to send me to a school for secondary general education. Instead of preparing myself for a study at a school for secondary technical education, where math, chemistry or physics might come of handy  I choose for the fun stuff: Dutch, English, German, history, geography and biology. By the time I finished this school (after four years), there was a crisis going on (80’s).

After a year of unemployment I went to another school: Oh irony a school for secondary economic education was the best choice at that time for me! I finished this school in three years. And soon after that I found my first job in administration. And up until now I still I’m working in an administrative job. After more than 20 years working in this line of business, it is not satisfying anymore!

To be continued …

About this look

For my entertainment I follow This is an online magazine for women who feel there is more to life than pink glitter (this is how they put it). This week they had an item about how you know when it’s time to take some drastic measures concerning your wardrobe. Number 1 is quite funny: when you have more shoes in your closet than contacts in your cell. I’m guilty of number 5: When you can’t find something within 20 minutes.

But as a result of this situation I find stuff I didn’t know I have. This skirt is a fine example. This is my first skirt I bought from Caroline Biss a couple of years ago. It is a bit long for my taste, but with the color underneath it is quite alright.

Thanks for stopping by and take care!

Glasses: Prada (2012); earrings: Marni (2012); stringbody and tights (A/W 2013): Wolford; skirt: Caroline Biss; booties: Zanotti (A/W 2013)


SkirtWithAnEdge (1)

SkirtWithAnEdge (2) SkirtWithAnEdge (3) SkirtWithAnEdge (4) SkirtWithAnEdge (5)


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