Better than new!

Dear readers,

In my post Are these booties are not for walking?, posted on February 3, I mentioned that the heel soles of  these Zanotti’s were completely worn down after a short shopping experience. The customer service of Zanotti reimbursed me with twenty euro. Question now was, whom would I trust to repair this.

For two weeks I was again at the P.C. Hooftstraat in Amsterdam. One of the lovely ladies of the clothing store Caroline Biss told me she always brings her quality shoes to Luk’s Shoe repair shop. I must say I’m more than satisfied with the job he did. He not only replaced the sole under the cone, he also put a transparent protective layer on the cone and an extra layer on the outsole. So far I think it’s worth the euro 42.00.

Thanks for stopping by and hope to seen you again. Take care!

BetterThanNew1 BetterThanNew2 BetterThanNew3 (2)

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