Bold_moving2 Dear readers,

Like I mentioned my post Skirt with an edge, I love carpentry since my childhood. And about that same time I was experimenting with clothes of my mother and sister. I felt pretty ashamed at that time, but I could not help myself, so I kept these feelings for myself. By the time I was ready to live on my own, I tried to leave these feelings behind. And I was very successful in ignoring these feelings, by taking on all sorts of sports and activities, like squash, tennis, badminton, horseback riding and ballroom and latin dancing.

After five years all of that changed because I met my current girlfriend. She likes to order clothing by mail. Every other month or so we get a catalog full with beautifully dressed models. I was still ashamed of wanting to wear womens clothes, so I avoid telling my girlfriend about it. After struggling for a year, I finally could not resist to order some clothes for myself. But where could I sent it to? Not to our home address obviously, because my girlfriend surely find out my secret. So I let one of my best friends in on my secret, and he was okay with it that I was using his home address to order the stuff I wanted. Now it was quite easy to order more and more and there was no chance of denying now I was addicted. So finally I told my girlfriend about it.

About the look

I must admit this is not a save combo: you like or you dislike it, there is no in between. The dress is my latest purchase. I bought it March 7th in the store Caroline Biss in the P.C. Hooftstraat in Amsterdam. I love it for the color, the fabric and the texture. The fabric is soft and warm and thanks to the texture it is kind of playful. The jacket I already mentioned in Green leather biker jacket.

I’m curious what you think!

Thanks a lot for stopping by and take care!

Dress: Caroline Biss (obviously it was a popular item, because it isn’t available any more)

Jacket: Cigno Nero (A Guy Named Sue though their Facebook account

Tights: Wolford; Shoes: Sergio Rossi (2012)



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