Black and white 5

Dear readers,

It wouldn’t be a surprise by now when I tell you that walking in dresses and heels makes me happy. And making pictures for my blog and is lot of fun. And sometimes I come in places that is makes fun for bystanders too.

E.g. I was walking along side a building project. And there were construction workers at work. I know now from my own experience that it’s true what people say about them: no matter how you look, as long as you wear a short skirt or dress, they will whistle at you! This time it was quite nice.

There was this other time and place.I parked my car at the far end of a parking lot. I did my thing and I was just was finishing up by putting my photo gear in the trunk of my car. In the corner of my right eye I saw a car slowly approaching. The car stopped behind my car, so I couldn’t drive away. I walked towards the other car and looked through the window of the passengers seat to make a comment. Let me tell you I was quite surprised what I saw. The driver was making has way to a happy ending by using his right hand …  He was kind enough to stop with what he was doing and drove his car to a regular parking space further away, because I made him clear I wasn’t interested in him. Obviously a place where gays hang out..

About the look

All the items of this look you already have seen before, except for the skirt. There is this little shop in Haarlem, where they have reasonably prices clothing. There I found this skirt for about a year ago. The dress in my post Where is the party is another piece from this store.

Thanks for stopping by and remember: something is really an innovation, when it’s copied!

BlackAndWhite5a BlackAndWhite5b BlackAndWhite5c BlackAndWhite5d BlackAndWhite5e BlackAndWhite5f


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