One Year in the fashion jungle!

And I survived!

Dear readers,

to be honest it’s a few weeks longer than that. To my defence not to report it on the day itself is because I didn’t have the right dress to mark this moment and express the joy I feel. Because this was the year of personal growth! I’ve come a long way. From a shy little kid who hardly ever spoken to people and living in his own world, to the person I am now. I don’t know who that person is though, because I’m still growing and developing myself. I do know I feel strong to speak up more and more now and I’m proud of myself to have the courage to put myself out here. I know I’m still using my disguise though. One of the reasons is because I think it looks nicer from an esthetic point of view. I see it now more as a sort of signature look.

The past year I’ve had an average of 37 views a day and that’s okay. Mainly because I had on two days a hand full of visitors who viewed almost all of my posts three times in a row. I still can’t figure out whom that was. So if you are one of those people that stopped by on one of those days (somewhere in the week of Monday March 17 or Saturday April 17), please come forward and explain to me the reason for those actions! I still feel an incredible drive to carry on. It is just something I have to do! I’ve got the feeling I still don’t have the right angle to present myself. Until I do I keep it low profile and just work on my portfolio.

This past year I’ve developed my taste in accessories and clothing. One drastic change, for me, is that started to like golden (colored) accessories. My first golden item is a golden ring. I bought it in a jewelry shop in Idar Oberstein (Germany). I’ll show you a closeup in my next post . Then I bought My first earrings in February. True, it has only the color. And now I’ve bought this gold plated earrings. The drastic change in clothing lies in the fact that I started to like the flared skirts and dresses, e.g. the skater dress, rather than the figure hugging items from top to above the knee. I mentioned it already that I’m a participant in this community. After a year I already have 240 fans and seven hearts. I must admit it’s hard but gratifying work. Since a couple of weeks you can make collections on your own profile of your favorite looks you see.

About the look

The moment I laid eyes on this dress I knew I had to have this! The same goes for the earrings. Both are very vibrant and very different compared to what I’ve shown you so far. I have many dresses and skirts from Karen Millen, but this is my showstopper! Because of the colors, the nice fabric and the perfect fit (jersey) and the flared hem panels. It has a jungle print and that explains the other part of the title of this post. Thanks to the turquoise adornment on the earrings it made them totally irresistible!

About the photos

Because of this special occasion I contacted my photographer who made my first street picture Amsterdam Freedom. This photo was taken in December 2012. At that time I had no disguise, so I borrowed a head from a real woman. Maybe you recognized her: Halle Berry. I admire her very much for her looks and personality. Since then I never contacted Anne (that’s the name of my photographer), up until now. She was very sympathetic for the idea and she immediately said yes to my proposal for a photoshoot. So the first three pictures are made by her. The fountain is in front of the Amsterdam American Hotel. The current building dates from 1902 and is a wonderful example of Jugenstil right in the city center of Amsterdam. I totally love Jugenstil and Art Deco!

It wasn’t my intent to make pictures by myself with this look, but due to a misunderstanding the pictures of the earrings didn’t get through the screening. And then I go all the way. By the time I’ve got to take the closeup photos of the earrings, the battery of the camera went dead.

Thanks a lot for stopping by and remember: Photography takes more imagination than painting art, because you have to see the extraordinary in ordinary things!

photography: Anne @

Dress:  Karen Millen; earrings: Aurélie Bidermann (Net-A-Porter); stringbody: Wolford (basic); white tights on top: Wolford; ecru tights underneath: Wolford (basic); glasses: Prada; shoes: Stuart Weitzman.

OneYearInFashionJungle1OneYearInFashionJungle2OneYearInFashionJungle3  OneYearInFashionJungle4 OneYearInFashionJungle5 OneYearInFashionJungle6 OneYearInFashionJungle7 OneYearInFashionJungle8 OneYearInFashionJungle9 OneYearInFashionJungle10


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