From Amsterdam with love!

dear readers,

In the first week of May my girlfriend was out of the country for a couple of days. So I took the time to clear out my attic to see what I’ve bought all those years. I was curious how many dresses I have. I started counting 1,2,30,40 … 49! I had no idea because all my clothes and shoes are all mixed up and piled up. The latest purchases on top.

So you can imagine that when I was strolling through the city of The Hague a couple of weeks ago, it was just for fun. And when I passed a shop window I saw this dress. Without any hesitation I walked into the shop. The only argument I could think of, not buying this dress, was that they didn’t have my size. I was in the fitting room before I knew it and came out with the right size. I did the trick with the plastic cart and I walked in and out of the store within 15 minutes as a proud owner of dress no 50! Yes baby!

By the way, this is my second look in cooperation with my photographer Anne. Thanks to her I can show you nice pictures from our Dutch capital in the background.

About the look

I like things with an edge. This dress is not just off white, it has also a suptile print and the fabric is wrinkled here and there and. I would have liked it better without the wrinkles, never the less in total I’m pretty happy with the dress. I’m also very happy with this watch. I love this watch because it has a certain elegance through simplicity. And it has made of solid components. It’s made from steel and it is PVD gold plated, which means that the gold is penetrated into the metal (frankly I don’t know how they do that), so it should not show any signs of rubbing off after years and years of wear. The glass is made of sapphire glass and runs on Swiss quartz. And as I promised in my post One year in the fashion jungle, on the botum of this post you find a closeup of my golden ring.

photography: Anne @

Dress: Rinascimento; watch: Calvin Klein; earrings: Aurélie Bidermann; stringbody (ecru): Wolford; tights: Wolford; shoes: L.K. Bennett; glasses: Prada.

FromAmsterdamWithLove1 FromAmsterdamWithLove2 FromAmsterdamWithLove3 FromAmsterdamWithLove4 FromAmsterdamWithLove5 FromAmsterdamWithLove6     IMG_6797-2[1]


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