From Basel with love

dear readers,

I just got back from my holiday in Switzerland. I shared some photos on Instagram during my stay there. Not only with the beautiful surroundings, but also some photos of facades of buildings build in the ‘Belle Époque’ (French for ‘Beautiful Era’) they call it there. Meaning the period between 1871 and 1914. And photos of the most gorgeous dress I’ve seen so far from one of my fav clothing designers: Azzedine Alaïa. On a weekday in Luzerne almost all shops were closed and i had to go window shopping. And that’s a very cheap way of shopping for me. In one of the windows I saw this dress. Not that I was thinking of buying it (even if it was on sale, the price would be way above my paycheck) but to satisfy my curiosity, I went to the shop the next day to try it on. Unfortunately it wasn’t in my size. To make my point I show you one of the photos here.


Just incase I would be inspired by the fact that I was all alone in en super awesome country, I brought my photo equipment. And guess what, it came to me the very last day! Due to the fact I saw this beautiful necklace and a matching bracelet in a window of a jewelry store the day before, it was ready to wear and I had just enough plastic on me to pay for this. Incase you are interested in these jewelry pieces, I can provide you with a contact address.

Thanks a lot for stopping by and note that ‘the issues are in the tissues’.

basel3 basel1 basel2basel4

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