All in one day combo with DKNY

Dear readers,

July 11th was in several ways a memorable day for me. That day I’ve bought a super lovely combo in the midst of sale in my size. On top of that I’ve bought it in two stores I’d never succeeded in buying a single piece of clothing before. Talk about mend to be! And it went like this.

It was already in the afternoon and I was cruising through Haarlem, to catch up on the latest stories of my store ladies. I was already happy because I was all dressed up, on heels, and had the time all to myself till dinnertime.

The jacket

Then, in the corner of my eye, I saw a glimpse of a nice fabric on a mannequin in a window of the WE Fashion store. It appeared to be a jacket that looked gorgeous on the mannequin. I went into the store to check out how it would look on me. They had several in size L and one in size M. The size M fitted like a glove and still felt spacious where it needed to be: on the upper half. Surprisingly the sleeves were the right length too! And with a pricetag of 28 euro I had absolutely no hesitation to rush to the check out counter with this piece!

The skirt

Two blocks further, on the way to my fav Wolford store, I walked by Players (Facebook). They have the most amazing designer clothing! Most of the pieces are above my paycheck, but it is beautiful and fun to watch and the staff is very friendly, so I go there once in a while. A little voice in me said it was time to go there again, so I stepped back and entered the store. And there it was, tucked away between all the other goodies that were on sale that day, this vibrant blue skirt from DKNY! Actually there were two of them. A size 6, which I’m happy with now, and a size 4. It was half price and over the years I’ve spent 125 euro on several occasions for a exceptional skirt before.

The combo

Let me know what you think of this combo: GO or NO GO?

I’m open for smart or creative combos, so don’t hold yourself back on my account, cause no matter what I will always be happy with this items separately and I’m sure each has its own potential.

Thanks for stopping by!

And remember: don’t let the new form of separation anxiety get to you: to be afraid you have no working digitally operated equipment around!

Jacket: WE Fashion (maybe still available in stores in Europe); skirt: Donna Karan

DK_Bleu1 DK_Bleu2 DK_Bleu3 DK_Bleu4 DK_Bleu5


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