For the obvious reason I’m not pregnant!

Dear readers,

Today I take you to an estate called Landgoed Duin en Kruidberg, not far from where I live. It is a wonderful location for marriage, leisure and business. It has two restaurants on the premises. One of them has one Michelin star: Vrienden van de Jacob.

The dress

The introduction was meant for the ones who are, and want a dress to impress long after the pregnancy, I would recommend the dress I show you today. That is if you are the body hugging loving kind of person. Thanks to the elastic fabric this dress hugs you in a very friendly and comfortable way. Normally I wear a size 42EU, and in some cases 40EU. This time I slipped in a size 36EU easy! It is knitted in a heavy quality, so It is suitable for late summer and autumn. Oh and it feels incredibly soft on your skin and I love the neck line! If you like a less conspicuous color: the dress is also available in black or in black and white.

The shoes

I love Italy, italian food and italian design. One of the masterpieces of italian design are the shoes. I already showed you several designs of Giuseppe Zanotti and Sergio Rossi. Now I want to show you a pair of shoes, designed by Sergio Rossi’s son, Gianvito. I stumbled upon this wonderful pair during the sale period. I very much like the subtle red trim in combination with black suede.

The earrings

This pair of earrings is the result of my surge for my first pair of earrings, as I described in my post Project earrings . I had a notion how they could look like, paired with the designer skills and craftsmanship of goldsmith Petra Berends, I’ve become these awesome earrings. Right now she is working on her own website. Can’t wait when it is up and running! Till then I can bring you in contact with her. By the way, I delivered her another idea for a pair of earrings, so stay tuned for the presentation.

Dress: Claudia Sträter, also available in black and white and black; shoes: Gianvito Rossi; earrings: designed and manufactured in cooperation with goldsmith Petra Berends.


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