Red Carpet

Hi Guys!

In my post Pregnant? I had a red carpet in the background. And it was so obvious, that I couldn’t see it. After the comment on my post on of my fellow lookbooker Iza Bella (I love her sense of humor!) it hit me. I could use it of one of my next posts. You have to know I use this location quite often to change clothes before I go shopping in women’s clothes, and this was the first time I used it as a photoshoot location.

Still at first I wanted to try a different location for the photoshoot for this dress, because I didn’t want to impose again. It looks like nobody is there, but there are many people going in and out. So after I changed clothes and I was halfway to the new location, I saw the blog of Ana my head: ‘Screw it I’m fierce’! After all, this is the only dress I have so far, to justify such a title and there was this other thing: I wanted to make a photo for the Instagram referring to #myseptemberissue  for the Dutch Vogue.

The dress

is a genuine Karen Millen (I try to be funny here). It was a limited edition and already sold out in the webstore. Maybe there is still one available in one of the stores . I bought it just before I went for Switzerland for the holidays. It took me a while to get the whole outfit together. For me it is a super fab dress. Despite the fact it hasn’t been made with stretch material, it fits like a glove. his is the first time I experienced this in my 15 someting years ‘career’. It reflects class and style because of the simple but effective design, the choice of the material and the color.

The jewelry

When I was in Luzern this summer I saw in the window of a jewelry shop a special item to buy for my girlfriend. So when I was in the shop looking at all the beautiful things, I explained that I was looking for my party dress. After trying lots of jewelry combinations (I was in my jungle dress) I’ve bought the earrings and the matching necklace you see here. I took a risk in buying these earrings, though, because they had no clips jet. But luckily for me it wasn’t a problem for my gold smith to adjust that.

Dress: Karen Millen; earrings and necklace: Adami & Martucci Jewelry; bag: vintage Cartier; Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti; tights: Wolford; glasses: Prada.

RedCarpet1a RedCarpet2a RedCarpet3a RedCarpet4a RedCarpet5a RedCarpet6a RedCarpet7a


detail loopsplit detail sieraden2



6 thoughts on “Red Carpet

    • Wauw! super bedankt voor je al je grote complimenten Tamara! Ik ga bijna blozen ^_^
      Ik heb wel t gevoel dat ik nog een hoop te leren heb, dus t kan alleen maar beter worden.

      dikke zoen en knuffel, Francesca

      PS: En locaties,ik heb de smaak te pakken en ik weet er nog wel een paar: you wait and see!

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  3. WOW love this dress so much!!!!! You look like a movie star! So glad I got a chance to meet up with you! I hope we are able to do that again in the future…..My best blog buddy!

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