New winter coat

Hi dear readers,

It was quite a week last week. I could have been dead or worse (paralyzed). I was on my way to work on my bike and I was very very very close to a collision with a car. I was driving the priority road and I was almost near a junction. From the left was a car approaching slowly and instead of to yield, it slowly entered the intersection. I’m building up quite some speed in a 9 kilometer stretch. Thanks to my guardian angels, thanks angels!!!, and my breaks I barely could stop just in time to prevent a clash. And the car drove off without noticing anything!

The rest of the week I was a bit of stroke …

This proves that most of the times you can’t be prepared for the worst. It is hard to predict the (near) future, except for the seasons. In Holland the winter is coming and despite the fact that scientists are certain that global warming is heating up our planet, it may come of it that this winter can be real tough, temperature wise. You can see for yourself that in this case it is an absolute joy to be prepared for the worst, because …

I’m convinced this coat can do the trick in a very fashionable way!

I found this coat in one of my fav clothing stores in Haarlem – The Netherlands: ‘A guy named Sue’. It’s from a Dutch label ‘Heart’. Unfortunately it isn’t available through the internet yet, because their site,, says ‘Coming soon’. So if you are interested in this coat, I could arrange for you to ship it worldwide. I would advise you to order one size smaller then you’re used to.

Coat: Heart; dress: Issa London.

NewWinterCoat1 NewWinterCoat2 NewWinterCoat3


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