It’s my birthday, and I’m still going strong!

Yo readers!

Despite my age I’ve got the feeling I’m getting stronger and stronger. In the photos it is me trying to portray me being still going strong!

The dress stands for powerful clothing and is one of the two most super fab dresses I have. The other one is a masterpiece by JC. It is from the Emma Cook A/W 2012 collection. I haven’t followed her for a while. But in the past twelve months,  I haven’t seen anything like it like this from her so far. Did you?

I’ve posted this dress earlier, on May 26 to be exact. In my opinion in a killer combo with orange tights and Sergio Rossi booties. I think it’s not chic to post exactly the same look twice, so now I dressed it down a bit, by pairing the dress with a green colored pair of Wolford tights of an earlier season.

Let me know what you think!

Thanks a lot for stopping by and take care!

Dress: Emma Cook;  jacket: Cigno Nero; similar tights: Wolford; earrings: Aurélie Bidermann; shoes: Guess.


DSC00146 DSC09894 DSC09956 DSC09967detail_oorbel


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