Shadows of Wolford sale #2

Yo readers!

First time!

There is a first time for everything. Last Friday it applied in four ways and all in one evening:

  1. I was at a Christmas party with coworkers (I work here since January 1st)
  2. In a dress and heels on a party (OOTD HERE).
  3. I never told my colleagues I wear dresses and heels in my free time, now they saw me in it.
  4. I danced in heels and a dress.

I was already wearing this look all day, so I was pretty sure I to go like this to the party, cause the dress code was: come all dressed up! Okay I was a bit overdressed compared to the women and completely (no surprise here) overdressed compared to most of the men. But hey, I was going out there to make a smashing impression, and I did!

It started wonderful right from the moment I got in. I was invited by the boss of all bosses of our company to join her onto the dance floor. Like it was completely normal for a man to dress up like a woman.

During the evening more and more colleagues made me compliments about the way I was dressed and the way I walked in heels. And some of them (women) wanted to know my secret how I can walk in heels. I couldn’t explain to them how, but that regular training (almost every Friday) helped me a great deal.

And the most special moment was when one of the colleagues, whom was in the organization of the previous Gay Pride in Amsterdam, told me I would be a real asset to this event if I would participate next year! Despite the fact I’m not gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender. Because it’s all about being yourself!

The look

These days are the darker days of the year in The Netherlands, cause sunset is late and sundown is early. The upside is that from now on the daytime will getting longer! So the #OOTD is a about the greys and a little bit of sunshine. The emphasis of this look is on the tights (named Brit), so I took a dress I’ve bought more than five or more years ago. And the jacket and shoes you’ve already seen more than once on my blog.

Thanks for stopping by and remember …

Life is too short to drink bad coffee!

Tights: Wolford  (also available in other color combinations); bodysuit: Wolford; Dress: Karen Millen

ShadowsOfWolfordSale2a ShadowsOfWolfordSale2b ShadowsOfWolfordSale2c ShadowsOfWolfordSale2d


3 thoughts on “Shadows of Wolford sale #2

  1. What a fabulous outfit!
    I don’t drink coffee, but I have a shoe bag that says ‘Life’s short, wear nice shoes!’ so I’m going with that one.
    I’m also really glad that more people are broadening their concept of normal. Life’s so much more fun that way!

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