MBFWA is coming soon!

I don’t have many New Year’s resolutions, and one of them is to stay focused on fashion. What better way to accomplish that is to attend a Fashion Week event. There is one real soon in Amsterdam: MBFWA. It goes down from January 16 till January 26. There is this ‘10 days downtown’ presented bij Zalando (webshop), there are fashion LAB’s and of course there is the catwalk. The full program and info you’ll find here. I’m aiming on tickets for the catwalk show of Said Mahrouf.

So far I don’t have a clue what to wear for the catwalk show. Do you have any suggestions?

The Look

For sure this Is not what I’m gonna wear, ha ha. All of these items you see here, I’ve showed you already more than a year ago, but now in a different combination.

Thanks for stopping by and remember …

save this planet, cause it’s the only place where they sell chocolat!

Dress: Caroline Biss; bodysuit, tights and coat: Wolford; Boots: Caroline Biss; glasses: Prada; watch: Calvin Klein, similar in rose gold; earrings: Marni

MBFWA_coming1 MBFWA_coming2 MBFWA_coming3 MBFWA_coming4 MBFWA_coming5


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