New casual blue

Yo visitor!

In my first own home I was mister Blue. I bought lots of blue stuff. Blue curtains, blue carpets, blue furniture ( most of the time different blues in one room), etc. And of course blue clothing.  After five years I engaged in my first serious relationship. Over a period of two years all that blue disappeared and made way for all other different  colors. This year we celebrate our twentieth anniversary!  Last year I’ve made a profound turn and bought my blue winter coat, which I’ve already showed you. Almost two weeks ago, I was in the same store where I’ve bought the blue winter coat from, A Guy Named Sueand I could not resist to take home a blue jacket for all other seasons, yeahhh!

This jacket has a fabulous fit; even with my long arms I can use the pockets without folding my hands in an unsusual way. As you can see it has nice details. And it has an iron wire in the lining, so if you fold the collar right, it stays up! I didn’t wear a longer sweater over the jeans in this look, so you can see were the jacket actually ends.

There is nothing much else to it than a simple pair of jeans (more than ten years old and fashionable again ha ha).

So you see I can be casual too! Although a colorful dress with tights and heels is for me casual (meaning to wear in my free time) too, so you know!

Jacket: Goosecraft; bodysuit: Wolford


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