Roses are red my coat is blue

Yo visitor!

I already mentioned it in several other posts that I visit a few times a year our famous shopping street in Amsterdam: the PC Hoofdstraat. Here are the reasonably priced shops, along with the high end priced shops. Normally I limit myself just to visit the shops in the first category, because I don’t have the kind of money to spent there. Friday a week ago, I’ve made an exception, because I had an excuse to visit the Bvlgari shop.

bulLast year, in November, I was on a holiday in Spain (Lanzarote) and I saw these exceptional beautifully designed statement earrings on billboards. It was part of an ad campaign for a vagrance of Bvlgari. I’ve made a photo of it as a reminder. I already posted it on Instagram:

So that day I thought, what the heck, and walked in. For me it was like walking into a candy store. All those awesome pieces in beautiful displays. Magnificent! I was treated with the utmost respect. Like I was a genuinely potential buyer. We even find me a set of earrings, with a matching ring and bracelet. All, according to Bvlgari standards, reasonably priced. And not to forget an art-deco-like black and white clutch with a green snakehead for a closure!

Oh, and no they didn’t have the earrings on the photo. It was a one of a kind, specially made for this ad campaign, and had already found someone whom should be very lucky, wearing them.

The look

I’ve showed you all of these items already in different looks. For example: Man in Red, New Winter Coat and Pregnant?


Dress: Issa London; coat: Happy; string bodysuit Wolford; tights: Wolford; glasses: Prada; earrings: Marni; shoes: Gianvito Rossi.





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