Feeling Lucky

Yo Visitor!

Feeling lucky is a state of mind. I don’t need much to  accomplish that. That’s easy for me to say. I have a better half who loves me, I’m in good health, I have a nice home to live in and money in my pocket.

I realize every day that there are lots of people who are less fortunate.  I see them every day  when I travel around in Amsterdam, or elsewhere, not to mention all the people who are all over the news, because they are in some kind of distress. To ease my conscious I donate to several good causes for people and animals.

I know my trouble free life could be over soon, so I try to enjoy  this life while it last. So once in a while I have to do something crazy. Like buying something I absolutely can do without, but it  makes me smile every time feel it, or I look at it real close.

One of my latest purchases falls into this category. It’s a classic case of should I buy or should I walk away. For months I’ve been looking at this statement clutch. Several times a week I took a peek at the internet page where it was exhibited. And every time it makes me smile. I was waiting for the little chance it was going on sale. And then it was out of stock and miraculously in stock again. I knew I had to make an instant decision. So I ordered it, keeping in mind I always could send it back (within four weeks that is, ha ha).

Once I  held it in my hands I knew I would never send it back! Thanks to a large bonus I’ve received at the end of last year, I’m now the proud owner of this kick ass piece of art!

Thanks for your visit …

and note that ducks don’t follow the duck that croak the loudest, but the duck that is the first who flies away.

Knuckle box clutch: Alexander McQueen; dress: Caroline Biss; waistcoat/vest: Caroline Biss;  body (color: mocca): Wolford; tights: Wolford  (color: mocca);  shoes: Alberto Zago/Sergio Rossi; watch: Calvin Klein

FeelingLucky1 FeelingLucky2 FeelingLucky3 FeelingLucky4 FeelingLucky5



3 thoughts on “Feeling Lucky

  1. That bag is just too fab Frances!
    I am so glad you made to choice to purchase it! This a classic piece that will never go out of style!
    As always you look beaitiful!

    Kisses Tamara Chloé

    • WOW! Super thanks for all your sweet words Chloé!
      It’s amazing how such a little piece of art can effect your mood! And I’m not worried if it could go out of style: this is my style!
      Kisses back!

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