Celebrating two years of developing my style!

Yo visitor!

It has been two years ago already, that I started this blog. Last year I was less productive than the first year but I had much more fun last year. The first year I had this incredible drive to post as many looks as I could think of, but didn’t make time for anything else.

Now I’m more in balance: For me shopping is a fun way to work out and I do that almost every Friday: my fun day! And just when I feel I ‘ve seen enough shops on the inside for a day,  I take my camera and shoot as many photos until I’ve got everything right: the outfit, the composition and my face (ha ha). So in this way I gradually enlarge my portfolio.

I still don’t reach many visitors, partly because I’m not very active to promote my blog. I take it from the little comments I’ve gotten, or links that has been used, in relation to the number of visitors I’ve gotten, that what I show here doesn’t appeal to many people. I don’t know if it is because what and how I wear it, or because it looks funny because I’m a man at the age of 50 something. Who knows? Well, as long as it gives me pleasure and energy I will go on posting. I have inspiration for outfits for at least another year.

I’m fully aware that I’m not very mainstream. I looked at the major shows at the fashion weeks in NY, London, Paris and Milan for the autumn/winter 2015 collections. As you can see on my blog, I posted the designs I fancy. In many cases, you‘ll find these pieces only on the sites of Vogue, because they take pride in showing the whole picture. So if my choice of clothing is the reason that my blog isn’t very popular by now, I rest my case. Because I am who I am. I’m still developing my style, but I won’t change my style to become more popular.

What was that all about? I obviously wanted it off my chest. Sorry about that! Let’s celebrate!

And let me give you a head’s up for a number of next posts. One of my next posts will be about ‘How to walk on heels’. No doubt it has been done many times by others (I will do my research), but lately more and more women ask me how I do that. I never have a complete answer, because for me it’s almost as natural as to walk on flats. So in one of my next posts I’ll give you my clues.

And I have, I think, a cute subject for you about bags. By the time that post has gone viral I hope I have another topic for you that could interest you. For example: why can’t a person wear a mini skirt, just because she or he is past a certain age. That’s total BS in my book!

Oh, and I hope to surprise you, before another 12 months are gone, with one of my own designs!

So stay tuned!

The Look

I found this very festive dress about two months ago in a local store. I tried to find a webshop, and I only found the Facebook site of the manufacturer, with a photo from the year 2013 (Pink Berry Paris), sorry! And the jacket is even much, about ten years, older.

Quote by Cynthia Heimel: When in doubt, make a fool of yourself.

Thanks for your visit and I hope to see you soon!

Dress: Pink Berry Paris; jacket: Arma leder fashion; string bodysuit: Wolford; tights: Wolford; shoes: Karen Millen; clutch: Alexander McQueen.



7 thoughts on “Celebrating two years of developing my style!

  1. Congratulations on your anniversary! Don’t stress over what others think of your site and your style, there are people out there who like what they see (like moi) and I’m sure your posts always brighten up their day!

    You do you, boo- we’ll just keep loving it!

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