Multi-colored snake

Yo visitor! 

So I promised you a post about how to walk in high heels step by step. At first I thought it would be easy to mention a few pointers and that would be the end of it. I was wrong! There is a lot to tell about this subject and I want to present you a part of all that in a understandable way. So give me a few weeks more to work it all out.

I’m entitled to some credit on this subject because for the last four years I go out once a week and spent hours and miles on high heels. You are right when you think I can’t seen how it looks. It probably looks not too bad, because people start asking me how I do it.

If you have an interest in following the journey to become a graceful walker in heels, you could start by practicing barefoot, without the heels, the following exercises.

  1. Exercise, which I do every day when I’m in the shower, in standing on your toes and try to stand still for as long as you can. You may use the shower rod the first couple of times to help to keep your balance.
  2. Expand this exercise by doing whatever you always do under the shower.
  3. After you’re getting the hang of it you could start trying to walk on your toes, preferably bare feet, at home on your carpet and try to find and keep your balance.You probably notice that it’s a lot easier to walk with small steps.
  4. practice, practice and of course practice!

These exercises are meant to strengthen the muscles around your ankles. Sooner or later you could sprain your ankle and with strong muscles chances are you bounce back more easily.

This is it for now. Within a few weeks I’m back with more tips, so stay tuned!

Oh and when you have tips or questions you can drop them in the comment section.

Thanks for your visit and good luck with your exercises!

And whether the glass is half full or half empty, it is good to know where the tap is.

Dress: House of Holland; tights: Wolford; glasses: Prada




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