Wolford fantasy

Yo Visitor!

I’m still working on my post with tips and tricks how to walk on high heels. I can tell you this much: it’s gonna be a sequel. One of my tips is: don’t assume all the shoes are for walking. I don’t know if I was the only one who didn’t know, but there are actually shoes in which you better just sit down and be pretty with!

The look

Since I’ve bought this dress a couple of years ago, I had no clue how to style it. I mean, black was way to easy! So this dress was almost off the radar, until I walked by my fav Wolford store in Haarlem. In one of her windows a mannequin was wearing this Tess tights, and the whole look came together in my mind! Yes these tight come in more variations, like black/black, but when I can, I go for the most striking one. To cover my hairy legs I’m wearing another pair of tights underneath in the color ecru. Both in size large. For the booties it was their first time out too, since I have them in my closet about two years ago, and they make a perfect match! The jacket I found not so long ago in a dump store. I was really surprised to find it there, because it is from a, for me, wellknown brand and there was absolutely nothing wrong with it!

Food for thought: A journey by train is an excellent opportunity for a braintrip!

Thanks for your visit and enjoy!

Dress: Rinascimento; tights (Tess): Wolford: tights (cotton velvet ecru); Wolford; jacket: Arma Collection; shoes: Invito; jewelry: local stores.

WolfordFantasy1wolfordfantasy2 WolfordFantasy3wolfordfantasy4a


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