Which one would you choose (1)

Yo visitor!

I just got back from vacation and I have a ton of inspiration! Not only I had a wonderful score in the sale at my destination, now I can make more combinations than before. I hope I can get my camera into place tomorrow, so I can show it all to you over the next period of time. In the meantime I’ve prepared something I haven’t done up until now, namely a request to you.

You probably have a favorite kind of jacket/coat. For me is that the biker jacket. It’s tough and yet stylish. It has a certain kind of edge that I like very much. Since I’m into color I’ve bought over the years many jackets in all kind of colors. When I was preparing my post Multi-colored snake (April 22), I was pretty sure to wear the turquoise one. Now I see the photos with other colors I’m not so sure anymore …


Drop me a line and tell me!

Dress (still on sale now): House of Holland.





Orange? WWYC2 WWYC2a





Blue? WWYC4 WWYC4a


Purple? WWYC5 WWYC5a


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