Another day at MBFWA

From 3 – 13 July the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week was in Amsterdam to present the Spring/Summer 2016 collection of upcoming talents, designers and commercial labels and brands. I witnessed three of the catwalk shows on Saturday July 11. The first show I attended was House of Byfield. One of the models at this show is a dear Facebook and Instagram friend of mine: Bonny Severijns . It was her first time to walk a show, so I was there, along with her mom (also to chaperone her, because she is 15 years old), for the moral support. Well … she walked like a pro! She does all kinds of modeling. If you have a job for her, you can contact her agency: A&P Model Management. The whole show was fabulous by the way! It was a wonderful mix of women’s and men’s fashion in beautiful colors and prints.

I went to the other shows because one of my colleagues was so kind to arrange the tickets for me. The second show, by Jonathan Christopher, was a complete other story: mainly 50 shades of grey (probably because it was men’s fashion) and was sometimes shocking to watch. After the show a asked a woman trent watcher, who sat next to me during the show, what she thought of  the show. She thought it was quite nice. Look for yourself, but don’t say I didn’t warn you. And the third show was by SIS by Spijkers en Spijkers.The show itself was okay, but I didn’t get inspired much. The fun part of this show was the game of seen (local and national celebs) and want to be seen. Okay I’m a guilty participant in the last category, but no one fell for it. But I’m happy anyway!

So I promised myself to do my homework next time. Meaning, pick shows of designers who are proven to deliver pieces I admire. Starting soon by compiling a top-10 list of designs that were on the catwalks this week and of which I think should be in the ‘spotlights’. That would be the subject of my next post.

I was wearing that day: Dress: Issa London (60% off); string bodysuit: Buenos Aires black string bodysuit; tights: Wolford black mat opaque 80; glasses: Prada; earrings: local store; collier: local vintage store Bern Switserland; watch: Calvin Klein.

AnotherDayAtMBFWA1 AnotherDayAtMBFWA2 AnotherDayAtMBFWA3 AnotherDayAtMBFWA4 AnotherDayAtMBFWA5 AnotherDayAtMBFWA6


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