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Let’s talk about SuperTrash. It is a Dutch designer label with fabulous clothes, shoes, bags and accessories. I have the upmost respect for the way the owner, Olcay Gulsen, build this brand to a respected member of the fashion family. At het beginning of this season I spotted in the SuperTrash store in Haarlem (an awesome Dutch city to shop!) this new kick ass booties. I instantly fell in love, but there was this very loud voice in my head that, after 40 something pair of shoes and boots, I should downsize in buying new ones. I must admit I’m not always listening to this voice, no matter how loud. But this time I walked away without them, but not without making a mental note to come back in the sale season.

Four weeks ago I did go back to the store. To be honest I didn’t had high hoops that they still had these booties in my size (41). My heart missed a stroke when the sales lady came back with my size! And my heart missed another stroke when the sales lady told me I could take them with me with 70% off. Suddenly I went completely deaf (for the voice in my head) and drew my card …

so have a look!

Oh, and remember: Don’t be afrait to lose control; you can’t lose what you never had.

Shoes: SuperTrash; dress: Globus (Swiss department store); jacket: Cigno Nero: tights: Wolford; clutch: Alexander McQueen; necklace: local vintage store Bern (Switserland)

SuperTrash1 SuperTrash2 SuperTrash3 SuperTrash4 SuperTrash5 SuperTrash6 SuperTrash7


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