Ted Baker

Hey guys!

First of all the winner of the GIVEAWAY, a fragrances of choice from the Dutch fashion label House of Byfield, is Tiffany Konecko.! The fragrance is on it’s way to her. I hope she likes it like I do! The rest of you, who left a message at the post about the giveaway, will receive a sample of your choice, when the samples are ready.

Second: Something amazing happened two weeks ago. A lady from my past called. Her name is Anne and she runs www.amsterdamcharacters.com. The ones who follow my blog from the start know that she is one of the reasons I started this blog in the first place (more background in my posts Amsterdam Freedom, One year in the fashion jungle, From Amsterdam with love and one of her posts Francesca).

She tells me she’s working on a book, that will be published in March next year, and I’ll be in it! How crazy is that?! Then she popped the question, if I wanted to help her with a promo video for her book. My first reaction was like Who? Me? In a video? But after a week of contemplation I agreed to cooperate. So last Friday we shot the video. I can’t wait to see it! I’ll keep you posted.

Third: The Look

In Holland we have a department store that has many shop-in-shops, De Bijenkorf. The beauty of this concept is that there are many shops under one roof. And that is fun shopping! I always visit my most favorite shop for dresses, Karen Millen, and “next door” is a similar shop: Ted Baker. On one of these occasions, months ago, I came across this magnificent jacket on sale. There was also a matching pair of pants, but it had a funny cut, so I just bought the jacket. In De Bijenkorf there are also more and more luxurious brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton, but that’s way above my pay rate, but fun to watch!

I waited so long to show you this jacket because I wanted something special to go with it. I found that special something two weeks ago: bronze colored ankle boots. The boots are made by the Italian company Danilo di Lea.

Thanks for stopping by and remember it is better to be a diamond with a flaw then a perfect pebble!

Jacket: Ted Baker; skirt H&M; boots: Danilo di Lea; tights: Wolford (black mat-opaque-80); earrings and necklace: Adami & Martucci Jewelry; glasses: Prada.




5 thoughts on “Ted Baker

  1. I won!!! Can’t wait to receive the it! I can’t wait to see your video. Your seriously a fashion inspiration. Those boots are to die for!!!!

  2. I have finally figured out how to follow your blog. I was just getting email notifications when you would post, but now that I have started my blog, I am able to actually follow your blog. xoxooxxx Still learning the whole blog world. Thanks again for all the inspiration.

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