New York Fashion Week here I come!

Hi guys!

Like I mentioned in my last post, I don’t have ma1ny dreams (left). My number two dream is:

visit New York Fashion Week. With a former female classmate from elementary school I had a plan to go last year. But somehow we lost touch and I went this summer to Fashion Week in Amsterdam instead haha.

There I’ve met my male best friend: Carmichael Byfield, of House of Byfield. He is a Dutch fashion designer and he is showcasing his latest collection at New York Fashion Week/Art Hearts Fashion on Febuary 17, at 7 PM: schedule and location

He asked me to help him behind the scenes/runway. So thanks to him I have an excuse to go to New York Fashion Week!

It’s a pity though that I didn’t know this in September last year,  because at that time I was planning a vacation at the lovely island of Lanzarote with an overlep of the beginning of NYFW. Otherwise I would have gone to other shows as well. So I already contacted the former female classmate again to go next time for the full monty yeahhhh!
The Look

Because I probably don’t have time to take pictures of myself during NYFW, I took some photos in advance. For the ones who attend the House of Byfield runway show on February 17; you can recognize me by this look at the afterparty.
Dress: Kyra&Co; string bodysuit: Wolford; tights: Wolford; shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti Design; watch: Michael Kors (I guess this watch already isn’t available online. I’ve bought mine in a store where they sell Michael Kors).


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