Pendants remodeled into statement earrings

Hey guys!

Don’t you sometimes see something really beautiful and you desperately want to have it, but price wise it’s way out of your league? That happened to me two years ago when I saw these statement earrings. For the preparation of this post, I visited the site of again and found out they are probably one of their signature earrings. Today they come in two types. The ones in pink gold with white diamonds I find the most extraordinary and distinctive.

Emily DiDonato wearing de Grisogono statement earrings

Emily DiDonato wearing De Grisogono statement earrings

So I saved this design in the back of my head and never thought about it again. Until I had some time to kill on Amsterdam Airport on my way to New York Fashion Week last February. In one of the shops I saw this pendant. The design of the pendant triggered my recollection. Almost immediately I  compared the design in my memory with this pendant. I must admit, ‘pearls’ are not the same as diamonds, but it had the same playfulness as I remembered. The fact that it was a pendant and not an earring, was a minor detail. On many occassions goldsmith Petra Berends helped me to remodel and design statement earrings.

So within minutes, and without any hesitation, I was at the cash register to pay for two pendants (actually I bought three pendants, but one pendant I gave to one of my dear fashion friends).


The look

This look is the first look on my blog. It is a very special look. It was also one of the first looks on the blog of Anne Brugts: ‘’. And this look graces the cover (and the inside) of a book with the same name, that has been on the market since its launch March 22nd. In the backgroud a full blown poster of the lower part of the book cover on a window of the largest bookstore in Amsterdam. I couldn’t help myself to make a selfie with myself haha!

Thanks a lot for your visit!

… and remember: Without guts no glory! (I know it’s an old slogan used in a commercial, but still a applicable)

(former) Pendants: Vivaldi; statement ear pendants: Petra Berends; dress: Issa London; tights: Wolford; stringbody (ecru): Wolford; glasses: Prada.



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