NIKKIE for a tough or a stiletto look

Hey guys!

Yeah I know I am pretty shallow for just posting clothing stuff, so you might get inspired. At least I don’t do anyone harm by it, in big contrast to those bombers lately. WHAT THE FU*** IS THAT ALL ABOUT? What is the purpose of killing innocent people? Just because not everyone has the same religion. You must have a pretty sick mind to come up with such an idea if you ask me! But since you didn’t ask me, I try to make the world a better place in my own way, by posting stuff I love!

For instance this new look with this black and army green dress from the Dutch label NIKKIEThe label, founded in 2011 by Dutch celebrity Nikkie Plessen, is one of the fastest growing Dutch fashion brands across Europe and Asia. So maybe you can do the look and feel in a store near you!

The Look

I love the feminine, sexy, elegant and cool design. It has layers of tulle and taffeta for added volume at the bottom. It is a fine knitted dress for every occasion and season. In daytime you can wear it with sneakers and in the evening with heels. In Wintertime you can wear it with bikerboots, for an edgy look.I don’t have that many dresses so versatile as this one. I don’t need an other dress, I want to live in this one for days! So cosy! 

What are your thought about this dress?

… To see your face you use a mirror; to see your soul a work of art …

Thanks a lot for your visit!

Oh, funny thing about the Alexander McQueen clutch by the way. I was pretty sure I had the last one from the store more than a year ago (read my post Feeling lucky) . Surfing The Internet, passing through, the exact same clutch.

Dress: NIKKIE; stilettos: Oscar de la Renta; jacket: Goosecraft; Tights: Wolford, mat opaque 80; clutch: Alexander McQueen; watch: Calvin Klein; sunnies: Prada; earrings: Marni.


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