Just Cavalli in red

Hey guys!

While the world is still crazy, I’m keeping myself occupied with little things like, in what size should I order the dresses I fell in love with at The Outnet (discount designer fashion outlet). This is by the way one of the places to be, when you care more about your style then for fashion.

For the ones who stumbled upon this post and visit my blog for the first time: I’m a sucker for prints. Especially prints on dresses.This time I fell in love with two dresses from Just Cavalli (the Roberto Cavalli label for the younger people. Yeah I know I’m really old in the eyes of young people, but I (want to) feel much younger then I am yeahhh!). They had the same print, in different colors: one in blue and one in red/brownish. In 2012 I’ve bought my first Just Cavalli dress in size Small, which fitted perfectly (and still does!). And my other JC dress is a size Large and fits perfectly too. So I ordered the largest size available (42=Medium). Turns out: not big enough.

Thanks to the generous return policy of The Outnet (You’ve got 28 days from when you received your order to have your items sent back to them, and money back!), I had the time to do the photoshoot and take a look at the photos. From the front, the size looked okay. Looking at the photo’s from the back though, I knew I should sent them both back. And so I did.

So for the first time in the history of this blog, I show you one of the two dresses (the look with the other dress I’ll post later this month) I actually don’t possess.

With this order from  The Outnet I’ve learned three things:

  1. Size does matter haha!
  2. Sometimes it is hard to stick to your principles. I encountered one of my principles with this purchase: don’t buy a dress when it looks too tight. Especially when a fabulously designed dress felt great on my body and looked even better in the mirror. But then photos of the shoot has shown undeniably: they weren’t to be cut out to compliment my figure. And …
  3. I’ve learned that it is important not only to look if a dress fits properly, but also to take a tight dress like this for a little walk outside. Even though both dresses were the same size and fabric, the skirt of the red dress was riding up on my thighs, within a few steps, halfway up to my armpits (yeah I’m exaggerating, but I think you get the picture). The only difference I could found was that they were made in different countries.The blue dress (which I’ll post later), didn’t have that flaw.


The Look

I always let my style stuff being delivered at my favorite Wolford shop in Haarlem. I value her for her friendship and her honest opinion about style in general and my (developing) personal style in particular. So when the package has been delivered at her doorstep, I stop by, drink coffee with her, discuss details of our personal life and show her my new purchase(s).

Of course I could have matched the dresses with a plain black pair of tights, but this time she had tights from the sale collection in matching colors. Amazing, such a coincidence! Paired with amazing shoes and my job was done for the day!

Oh by the way: Dream your dreams big enough; they tend to get smaller when you’re getting closer down to earth …

Thanks for your visit!


Dress: Just Cavalli; tights: Wolford; shoes:Oscar de la Renta; glasses: Prada; necklace: vintage; earrings: Marni; watch: Calvin Klein.



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