Just Cavalli in Blue

Hey guys!

I have more hobbies than just to look for the next fabulous piece of clothing that could complement my body (and in what size to order!?). One of those hobbies is woodworking. Over the years I designed and carried out different kind of cabinets and tables. I also take on DIY jobs. Sometimes I do a combination of DIY and woodworking, like my last project.

Because this is the last week of my vacation at home, I have the time to take down the roof above our front door. The roof hasn’t been very reliable anymore for it’s purpose (after 86 year!) and it is too much work to restore it. I’m prepping the new shelves and beams right now to make the new roof with these. So the new roof would be looking exactly like the old one, only better! Let’s hope it stays dry for a couple of hours next Saturday, so I can finish the job.

The Look

I try to get rid of my compulsion of buying my clothes (mostly dresses) too small. I have at least five dresses in this category collected over the years. That compulsion probably grew on me, because my mom always bought me clothes way too big. As described in my last post ‘Just Cavalli in Red’, this is the other dress/casualty that I had to send back. At first glance the dress looked like it had a perfect fit. The photos of the photo shoot told an other story: the dress was undeniably too small. OEPS! While I was preparing this post, I almost fell for it again with another dress.

You could say: ‘What a drama over nothing’. And you are so right! It happens so often you have to send back stuff because the manufacturer decided to trick you with the wrong size indication, because that is what it is. But I can’t change anything. I guess I have to deal with the fact I have size S all the way through size XXL (all for one and the same body), like anyone else. It is what it is. So I promise you I won’t bring up the size matter again!

I’m curious what your experiences are in this matter. So drop me a line in the commentaar box!

Like most of the times this look has been completed with the matching color tights (from the last sale collection), provided by my favorite Wolford shop in Haarlem.

And by the way: the ones whom don’t trust others, never gain the trust of others …

Thanks for your visit and take care!

Dress: Just Cavalli; tights: Wolford; shoes: Casadei; glasses: Prada; necklace: vintage; earrings: designed by myself and made by goldsmith Petra Berends ; watch: Michael Kors.


2 thoughts on “Just Cavalli in Blue

  1. I have the same experience with my mother!! Also resulting in buying clothes (and shoes) to small, but also because the sizes are different everywhere.

    And by the way, Blue is definitely (one of) your color(s)!

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