Ready for Autumn/Winter with Ted Baker and Michael Kors

Hey guys!

My mom knows for almost two decades about my clothing fetish, almost as long as my girlfriend. My girlfriend didn’t, and still doesn’t, want to know when I order something from the women’s department,, so I used her address for years. Every time she received a package for me, we opened it. Most of the times she liked the items I ordered in.  She often says to me: ‘Íf this makes you happy, you have my blessing to pursue it, but I rather see you in men’s clothes. So most of the occasions I visit her, I go as my regular me and sometimes I go as Francesca. The last time I visited her as Francesca was not so long ago. On that day we went shopping for a new dress for her, as a birthday present.

Already at the first one-stop-shop we saw this dress in one of the shop windows. We were both mesmerized by the beauty of this dress. We both tried it on. For a few minutes I thought how amazing it would be to wear the same dress in public! But the minute my mom came out of the dressing room, her face was telling me she wasn’t feeling happy in this dress. Luckily she found herself another dress in the same store. So I bought her that one instead! And I …. Well because my mind said I already have enough dresses, I left the dress behind. The whole week after that I kept thinking about it, so I bought it anyway. For the first time I felt the urge to start selling some pieces, starting with the ones that I bought too small in the first place.

The Look

The dress is very popular in Haarlem (Rivs) (The Netherlands): it is almost sold out, so I found you another address to order from: Asos. In Wintertime I would wear the famous Wolford string bodysuit in black.  

The boots I found at the last Vogue’s Fashion Night Out on September 8th in the Michael Kors store in the P.C. Hooftstraat in Amsterdam. It was a crazy evening, but the staff managed to keep their heads cool and took the time to help me to pick the right size. At first, my eye caught the ankle boot version of the one’s I got now. I tried them both. In a bit of serendipity, I wore the same dress as I’m wearing now. The fun part was that one of the lady customers saw me overthinking which pair to choose. She tapped me on the shoulder and said: ‘the boots are more of a statement under a dress/skirt’. You probably know me by now: Most of the time I go for the statement yeahhh! Despite the fact the boots are from the Autumn/Winter 2016, they are not online available (at the moment). Check the Michael Kors store locator for a store near you, and ask for the Clara boot, color plump (style 40F5CLHB6S).

Thanks a lot for your visit and take care!

Dress: Asos; tights: Wolford; boots: Michael Kors store locator; glasses: Prada


4 thoughts on “Ready for Autumn/Winter with Ted Baker and Michael Kors

    • Wauw Mylène!
      Reuze bedankt voor je enorm sympathieke commentaar lieverd 💋💋💋
      Zeker ook omdat je zelf zo mooi bent, zowel van binnen als van buiten!
      Komende twee weken ben ik nog druk met familie. Daarna heb ik weer een zee van tijd om jou weer te ontmoeten. Ik kijk er nu al naar uit!

  1. Ja, die bootz waren er niet alleen om mee te lopen – was ik gevleid toen wij die zelfde avond nog een date hadden op de Overtoom en jij in volle regilia verscheen – met die bootz, volle adrenaline en genoeg stof die mij verblijdde 😉
    Ga zo door, jonge vriend – het IS goed, jou volmaaktheid wordt met verve aangekleed, een blitz voor de retina!

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