It feels like it is still Summer in this Diva Catwalk dress


Hey guys!

It looks like the book ‘Amsterdam Characters‘ is slowly taking over Amsterdam. It is a coffee table book with photos of people from Amsterdam and their stories: From the woman who only wears pink to the man on his crusade against jeans. I’m in the book twice.

First in the regular bookstores in Amsterdam, also in the biggest bookstore in Amsterdam: Scheltema (photo in the middle). Now the book is also available in places like the shop of ‘De Nieuwe Kerk’ (New Church) *1*2 and in the shop of  I Amsterdam .

I know the book isn’t about me and it isn’t my accomplishment that I’m in it, but it feels like a recognition for what I do and  how I do my thing with clothes. Therefore I’m proud to be in it!  So I showed this book to my co workers right after the launch on March 22nd. The reception was nice and sometimes warm.  So I thought it would be nice to take it a bit further.

I work for the City of Amsterdam and I persuaded my co workers  of  the Bureau of External Relations to purchase a few books. Now our Major, or one of the  City Counsel Members can take a copy as a business gift, when they go out to visit an organisation or company.

I heard, from the author, that the City of Amsterdam is interested in buying the book to give away as a christmas present to all its employees. In potential, that means that about 13,000 of my co workers see me like that. Right now only about 50 co worker actually know me as a man and as a ‘woman’. How amazing would that be: I could be a famous co worker yeahhh! Maybe that could lead to more acceptance, than there is already, of men like me who want to dress up as a woman for whatever reason (why do you have to have a reason anyway for the way you choose to dress? To comply with mainstream is lethal for one’s creativity)!

Amazing how a photo, taken in the streets of Amsterdam back in 2012, have led to something like this in 2016!

What’s next?

*1  Back in the 15th-century, so not so new anymore haha!

*2 Until February 5th 2017: 90 years of Ms Monroe. Reflecting on a female icon!

The Look

I have been hoarded so much stuff over the years, it is hard to decide what to post next. I backed up a bit, so now it’s time to show you my look that I stumbled upon on June 19th. I’ve posted on Instagram that day that I’ve discovered a very nice store in The Hague called Art & Casey (They have more stores in other cities in the Netherlands), where I purchased two dresses. Both are lovely figure hugging. In this dress it still feels like summer!

In the Art & Casey stores, this dress isn’t available anymore. I found you the site of the manufacturer. If they don’t have your size anymore, they have soooo many other fabulous dresses to choose from! Check out for yourself at Diva Catwalk.

How about this: The biggest risk is not the that your are insecure about something, but that you are certain about something!

Dress: international Diva Catwalk (sea coral, vanilla cream & black) for the Dutch viewers similar dress Diva Catwalk via Art en Casey; tights: Wolford; shoes: Casadei; glasses: Prada; jewelry: my own design and vintage.



4 thoughts on “It feels like it is still Summer in this Diva Catwalk dress

  1. A book of extraordinary peoples in the capitol of Lowland Paradise –

    that would truly be an amazing feat to have this wonderful book with stories and pictos

    made available to the thousands of co workers of the mayor of Amsterdam – dig THAT!

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