Another Diva

Hey guys!

Cross-dressing is a big part of who I am. It took me a while to admit it and there it is. That shouldn’t come as a surprise to you, when you read and look at my posts. I’m more and more open about this, even to my managers. I believe that it opens the possibility to create something bigger than the sum of things and helps to create awareness among people who didn’t had the chance to come in contact with someone like me. Cross-dressing is not a fantasy of a tv producer or  movie director, it is actually based on what is going on in real life!

I’m getting only positive comments lately. Yes I still need that once in awhile.That give me the strength to carry on, on this road.  Despite the fact that I don’t want to apologize myself anymore, for the way I do my cross-dressing thing. Yeah I know, quite an attitude for someone who, by nature, loves to comply with mainstream. And the funny thing is that this attitude helps me in my professional life too! Nowadays I undertake activities that I didn’t dare doing a couple of years ago. For instance to do a presentation for a large group of co-workers.

That attitude grew on me in the last couple of years, wearing women’s clothes in public. Because in the beginning, more than ten years ago, I’ve had many nasty comments on my appearance. I believe it had nothing to do with my appearance though. I’m convinced that when a gorgeous woman had worn the same clothes I was wearing back then, she would have received a compliment once a while. But the fact that I was a man, and on top of that I had no makeup on, made that some people felt the need to put me down by saying nasty stings. I know I’m not perfect, but hey I’m not born to be perfect, but I’m born to be real! There is no manual for guys like me, how to act, interact or react to people who have strong negative opinions about cross-dressing. The way I see it is that there are several ways to deal with them.

  1. Run and hide and then denying yourself the chance to develop yourself to a full and valuable person! That didn’t feel right for me. That would be trying to put Jeannie in the bottle again.
  2. Just ignore negative energy and store positive energy!
  3. Tell people why you do the things you love the most, if you get the chance!
  4. Love yourself and love what you are doing and how you do is no matter what. Eventually you become aware that you do matter. That you can make a difference. When you’ve reached that point you don’t have to feel the need to appologize of who you really are!

Come to think of it. Did doesn’t apply only on guys like me. I heard a few weeks ago that one of my co-workers is gay and doesn’t want to come forward to tell the other co-workers. I respect that, but I hope that my openness, will help my co-worker, or maybe even more co-workers, with their coming out  in the proces.

Yes I see it as a proces. To be honest, it is easier to write these pointers down, then to live by them. I’m not at my goal, to create more awareness to the subject of cross-dressing, by a long shot because I take baby steps. I have faith I’m getting there, when giving the time I need.

Yes there will be casualties: people who you do think of as your friend, but as soon as they find out what really keeps you going, they don’t want to know you anymore. SURPRISE there is an upside too: I feel that when you have the guts to open up, people respect you more of who you really are as a person. And by the way,  I’ve never had so much girlfriends (yes pretty ones too) as I have now!

I want to thank Natassia and Bianca who made me realize that I can be more than just a ‘pretty’ face. I’ll explain the why in one of my next posts.

Think about this: presumptions are your window to world: if you don’t wipe it clean with a cloth or otherwise, eventually there won’t come any light through is anymore …

The Look

Diva Catwalk dresses are designed for any body shape and for many occasions.  The dresses are available in so many colors and cuts, it is hard to choose. In my post It feels like it is still summer in this Diva Catwalk dress I’ve showed you my first dress from this label. I’m sure I will soon return to their webshop for more …


Thanks a lot for stopping by and keep your head UP!

Dress:  Diva Catwalk – for The Netherlands or Diva Catwalk – for the rest of the world; Tights: Wolford; booties: Casadei.




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