Red velvet shoes

Hey guys!

In the middle of the preparation of my Happy-Merry_Christmas_post I caught up in the preparation of Christmas itself. So in this post you will find still a bit of the Christmas spirit.

In my last post I mentioned that I’m taking baby steps to reach my goal to create more and more awareness to the subject of cross-dressing. The ultimate goal would be at least the respect and acceptance of guys/men like me, who like to dress up as girls/women for fun, because it’s a necessity or both.

In the week before Christmas, I’ve made bigger steps (in high heels of course!). I have two jobs. And at both parties I went for the first time as Francesca.

At one job we had a drink with snacks and music. There were only a few co workers who knew about my alter ego and now approximately a hundred people were gathered to raise a glass to celebrate the successes of last year and to bless the successes to come next year. Here I went in a new, what I would call a, office-chic dress. This dress will be up on my blog later this year. I think I managed to go low profile. At least I stayed in the background because I didn’t know what to expect how they would react. A few co workers came up to me to compliment me on my appearance. That felt great and comforting! It made me more convinced to go as Francesca to the big office party two days later at my other job.

At my other job we had a real end-of-the-year-party. The theme was ‘No Guts No Glory’. No better theme to wish for, to come out of the closet yeahhh!

My girlfriend had plans to stay the night in the northern part of our country. So I allowed myself, prior to the party, to check into a hotel to shave, shower and change clothes. Not in any hotel, but by far my favorite hotel in The Netherlands: Grand Hotel Amrath Amsterdam!

Grand Hotel Amrâth Amsterdam Exterior

It hasn’t always been a hotel. The history of the building goes back to the early 20th century. Six shipping companies decide to join forces and build a shared head office, where they can sell tickets for voyages by sea to the Dutch East Indies, Africa and other destinations. The architect draws inspiration from the Art Nouveau movement and gives it a distinctly Dutch twist, later known as the Amsterdam School. The architect invites colleagues to work on the project, turning it into a ‘Gesamtkunstwerk’, or total work of art. The team of young artists applies maritime motifs liberally, even in the smallest details. Waves, sea creatures and ships appear almost everywhere: not only in stained-glass windows, sculpture work and marble but also in furniture and fittings such as carpets, chairs and wallpaper. It took three years to complete the first phase of the Scheepvaarthuis (Dutch for ‘House of Shipping’). Read here more about its rich history.

Well … I can tell you I had so much fun that evening! Many of my co workers were also dressed for the occasion, so we were one big happy family enjoying drinks, good food, good music and life in general! After four hours on and off the dancefloor, I went back to my hotel. Not because my feet were killing me  (thanks to the perfect fit and design of my new shoes!) or that the party was over, but because I wanted to explore the hotel a bit more. There is so much to see on the ground floor and in the hallways on the floors up. The door of one of the conference rooms (with the original decorations of 1916!) was left open for fresh air (normally the door is most of the times closed, to preserve the content of the room) and I saw a very festive christmas tree. I had brought an extra dress, in case I had inspiration for a christmas look and here was the opportunity!

After midnight I went to bed, filled with emotions and impressions (and yes my feet were killing me now haha!).


After a magnificent breakfast it was checkout time. The lovely lady at the desk said to me that the room was taken care of and that I only had to pay for breakfast. To be honest I didn’t pay much attention to her remark. I was convinced the room was covered by my credit card. But the funny thing is that up until now, only the breakfast has been charged to my credit card account. I think I go back to the hotel to ask if there has been made a mistake, because I had a super swell time there and I’m prepared to pay for the room as well.

The Look(s)

Since I’ve seen this photo of Anastasia Dula ad in June 2014, I’m in love with her, her Mary Katrantzou dress and her YSL Tribute sandals. The shoes has been designed by Stefano Pilati when he was head designer of fashion house Yves Saint Laurent  (2004-2012).  After the rebranding to Saint Laurent,  the Yves Saint Laurent name and iconic YSL logo have been retained for accessories such as handbags and shoes.


I always thought they were out of my league. And furthermore, they often weren’t even available in my size. Faith has brought us together last December, just one day before the big office party: these babies were in my size, they were on sale and even in my favorite, incredibly rich, red color!


The match with my outfit at the end-of-the-year-party at work (Pink Berry Paris dress, bodysuit and tights Wolford). Some of you might remember this dress. I’ve posted a look with this dress earlier on April 10, 2015, when I was celebrating two years of developing my style.

I particularly choose this dress, because it’s festive, I can dance in it without worrying that my moves would ruin the dress and I can ride my bike with it (he office party wasn’t at the hotel, but at the office. So I had to travel about two miles back and forth to the party that evening).


Match with my Christmas look (Issa London dress, bodysuit and tights Wolford)


Here is a thought: If someone shows you their true colors, don’t try to repaint them.

Thanks for your visit!



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