MBFWA: Said Mahrouf Fall/Winter 2017

hey guys,

I already went once to a fashion show of Said Mahrouf. That was also at MBFWA but then in January 2015 (MBFW Amsterdam Fall/Winter 2015). Last month I had the opportunity to visit his latest fashion show. As it turns out, The mastermind and head designer of House of Byfield, Carmichael Byfield, was invited by Doudou-PR to attend the presentation of the Fall/Winter 2017 collection of Said  Mahrouf ‘Lines and Panels’, at, again, the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Amsterdam (MBFWA).

Carmichael and I have met on a MBFWA event in July 2015. Since that time we’ve build a wonderful (business) relationship and I’m part of team House of Byfield. So I was privileged Carmichael asked me as his +1 for the show of Said Mahrouf! Unfortunately Carmichael had to go on a business trip to Napoli to sign a contract with Dstyle, for the delivery of fashion glasses for his upcoming fashion shows. But I did go anyway and had a swell time!

For instance I had an interesting conversation with one of the conservators of the Royal Tropical Institute. She also was there to watch the show of Said, to do some research for an exhibit she is reparing about African clothing designers. That exhibit will open in October. Can’t wait to see it!

Of course there were Dutch celebrities. Somehow I find it harder to recognize them in real life. I had a nice chair in the lobby to watch people walking by and all of a sudden there was a camera crew of Shownieuws right in front of me, interviewing a very attractive lady wearing a magnificent all white outfit. Later at home I found out it was Birgit Schuurman haha:


Every time I went to a fashion show in The Netherlands, it strikes me how conservative the female audience is. I know black can be pretty exciting, but at least 95% of all female visitors were wearing boring black. Birgit Schuurman was a fine exception!

Another point that strikes me is that some beginning designers feel the need to stand out to shock the audience with ugliness. That was the case of the first fashion show I attended that afternoon. Luckily for me I had an invitation for this show. Now I had the time to make a photo of my wonderful friend and very talented international photographer, Giusy de Ceglia (on Instagram) at work:



My personal favorites of the fashion show of Said Mahrouf:

No Uno


No 2


No 3


No 420170204_015520.jpg

The official video …

My own video …


In case you wonder I was wearing during the event, see for yourself. I must admint, not the most striking appearance. I had another look prepared, but I had no time to put it all together. For details about this look you have to wait for the post with the title ‘Office Chic’.




3 thoughts on “MBFWA: Said Mahrouf Fall/Winter 2017

  1. Hey buddy,

    what lounging lizard at Lanzerote you are,

    one of your many destinies, like having a great

    outfit at the M B F W A (what the fuck?!):

    very sophisticated for the occasion –

    that boring black, gee girls, how about some fifty

    shades of grey…

    even your fancy heels shine! SOLID.

    NOW, what’s this about Office Chic?

    suspense, is a strong e-motion – what a cliff hanger,

    like sitting in an electric chair watching TV.


    Love Birgitte’s curves,

    but all those mouths of the pretty girls portray dumbness –

    not to say that would not look cool in the new movie

    “Kommen Sie bitte, Adolf” –

    there’s a fascist christ coming in corporate USA – it’s a

    run for the border?!

    hang loose, darling

    the I

    • Hey Istvan!
      So nice of you to stop by and drop a awesome comment!
      And thanks for the complement!
      The new movie I don’t get, but hey I’m preparing another post first, before I let anyone in on de Office-Chic_post, so hold on tight to your electric chair haha!
      Take care and pace brother!

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