Amsterdam Characters x The Hoxton


Hey guys,

On January 7th there was an event, as part of the series The Resolution Game at The Hoxton. There’s one game many of you play every year: where we tell ourselves we’re going to change all of our unhealthy habits, finally make that work-move we’ve been dreaming about and buy that bag we’ve been saving up for. One of your resolutions could be to get to know every nook and cranny of Amsterdam and what better way to do that, than to get to know all of it’s characters?

Amsterdam Characters

For that purpose Amsterdam-based photographer Anne Brugts was invited by hotel The Hoxton, Amsterdam to tell her story about how she captured many of it’s characters in her book Amsterdam Characters. The book is still available at her site, at and other bookstores. (If you have touble to purchase it outside The Netherlands or Belgium, I would bw happy to help you too). The event took place in The Apartment of the hotel. In one room, the three documentary shorts, made with three of the characters in the book individually, were playing throughout the evening. In another room there were blown up photos from the book on the wall. In this room was also the presentation of Anne at the beginning of the evening. And there was a separate bar with free drinks and delicious finger food. During the evening you had the chance to interact with a number of the colorful characters. I’m still (I’ve mentioned it already in a number of posts on this blog) proud to tell you that I’m one of the characters in the book (twice) in one of the documentary. trailer of the book on Facebook  (with excellent English subtitles) and two videos with the characters MC Complicated (‘Be crazy, use some color!’) and Job (‘We live in a free world, yet we all dress the same’). My kind of guys! That figures, right, because we are all Amsterdam Characters yeahhh!

I was there !

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise to you, I was on the Amsterdam x The Hoxton event too (in a Issa London dress (the same dress when I first met Anne back in 2012) and basic bodysuit and tights from Wolford, completed with a bad hair day by the looks of it).

But first I had a lovely meal with one of my best friends, István B. (no I don’t need booze to have fun).

And than I’ve met some wonderful characters myself:

Mijnheer (=mister in Dutch) Davids with  Myrtle Beau Regard …


and MC Complicated


As you can see I am still not very smart in taking photo opportunities. Such as one with the lovely writer and one or two in front of the big video screen while my documenary was on the screen. I had a few photos of Anne (the writer) while she was doing her presentation, but they were of a poor quality, so I destroyed them.

Thanks a lot for stopping by!


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